Red Bridge

ON THE EASEL:: Work in progress reflecting on a momentary pause for thought from the end of the road - literally - just outside Skykomish, off Highway 2 heading towards the mountain pass. 

I found a rather poignant moment standing on an old wooden bridge just yards away from the end of the road where it seems the rest of the bridge and a portion of road had been washed away by a stormy, raging river. 

Looking up from the gentle blue-green reflections in now shallow water, after surveying the devastating damage the storm-path had wrought on the river-crossing I was on - a bright red railway bridge caught my eye.

I found myself reflecting on the nature of the spiritual paths we walk, and how some of the bridges, i.e. the connections we build with others prove so much more stronger and resilient over the course of time and weathered storms, while others so easily torn apart... 

Just a small, single-track iron bridge here - but nevertheless something very comforting and reassuring about it.. 

"Red Bridge"
18 x 24in Oil on custom linen
Redmond, WA Private Collection