The Distance Beckons

My little home is currently surrounded by giant tree stumps and piles of burned timber remnants from a recent lumber harvest. In some places it resembles something of a war zone, yet the Spring has already brought a great deal of new growth and baby trees planted in place of the mighty great evergreens that were felled. It's a great reminder how despite the most devastating circumstances, and temptation to isolate and distance oneself - we have an infinite capacity to start over, just as nature has since time began. Just so, we grow with a greater strength, wisdom, insight and foresight... 


Between those left standing
   The distance beckons
Sheer impulse commanding,
  As the fallout reckons

Only our Hindsight
   Sees the wood from the trees
Counting choices that brought us
   Here down to our knees

Seems the mighty have fallen,
    Yet the fragile remain
And a distance is calling,
             Do we flee from the pain?

The mightiest tree,
                         may sway in a breeze
                              Yet our roots grow deep now
   they do not freeze,

Truth settles, stone and cold
       yet clean as fresh fell snow,
To purify; enlighten now
      Old ground we'd always known

Trust once shattered, entombed in ice,
      Kindness thaws, and 'minds: think twice
Insight seeds the slight acorn
      In light and time, a might reborn

Cut down, we may be
    deep through core,
And still, we'll grow,
           and grow,
                                            and grow still more

© C J Elsip 2019

Distance Beckons  ~  6 x 9in oil on 1/16 steel plate  ~  Private Collection

*NB - While the original painting "Distance Beckons" now belongs to a private collection in Edmonds, WA - limited edition fine art prints and greeting cards will soon be available to order - with or without the additional poetry. Please email  for more information and get your name on the reserve list.