Connie's Geisha's

Connie's Geishas was inspired by the historical oriental art that has influenced much of the decor throughout Connie's beautiful home, overlooking the Ferry Dock and Possession Sound in Mukilteo, WA. 

Laden with symbology, Connie's Geishas depicts the deep and genuine compassion that runs through generations of close female members of Connie's family. Connie herself is represented center panel in red, her mother, close behind her in lilac. Connie's sister and niece are on the left panel in blue, and her two daughters on the right in green and gold. 

The "obi" or colourful waistband worn by each daughter is the same colour as her mother's kimono, representative of her mother's arms, and hence her love, wrapped tight around her daughter's waist, to be carried with her always, providing her support and strength to her core.

The chalice, or bowl held by each Geisha represents her infinite capacity for love. As each mother pours her love into her daughter, her daughter's cup then overflows into the world as she quietly tends to and nourishes her family and community.

Additional symbolism throughout the piece includes fire - representing creative passion, a stone lion, representing inner strength, and a dragonfly, representing the the transformation these women have experienced in life. Through times enduring great pain with immense dignity and quiet strength, these women have grown through personal trauma and transformed such pain into an outpouring of love and compassion. 

Birds taking flight represent the spirits of women now passed from this life. Another bird is yet to be added for Connie's mother who passed last year. Jewellery and gemstones embedded into the artwork were given to Connie by her mother, and serve as a permanent reminder of her precious and beautiful soul.

A uniquely personal work of art, this piece was co-created by Connie Liston, and inspired by her beautiful, compassionate soul, her devoted friendship, and her endless supply of delightful nourishment. 


Connie Liston Carol J Elsip I am so delighted with your beautiful story about my Asian picture that i hang in my guest bath. This pucture means so much to me and when I read what you wrote I cried, mainly because you Carol, are such a beautiful person. So glad to know you and be your friend.


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