Challis, a somewhat stoic chestnut quarter horse, mostly kept to himself, minding his own business. That is, until one morning I was struggling with an intensely weighty heart-pain. Hearing hoofprints close behind me, I turned to greet him, and as I looked at him, questioning, he simply walked right up and placed his great head right in the center of my chest. We stood together like that for several minutes, his soft, gentle eyes gazing right into mine, as I gazed right back at him.

Falling through his fathomless black pupil, I had a momentary glimpse of eternity; an overwhelming sense of an immensely conscious connection between all living creatures, and I felt such an endless depth, a wealth of wisdom, understanding, acceptance, ... And love. 

"You know, don't you?" I said to him.

He simply held my gaze, yet somehow, within that gaze, I clearly heard, "I know. I've got you. We're with you. We've got you.." 

Perspective shifted, re-centered, and my world became whole again. As the weight in my heart subsequently released and lifted, I suddenly became aware of a profoundly unusual silence in the paddocks all around us. Every single horse in the herd was still, facing, gazing toward us. A momentary, yet highly memorable cathartic equine communion..