Impact in The Waiting Room

This was a most enjoyable project from start to finish. My brief was very clear: to create a large, impactful painting of a familiar local landmark on the Snoqualmie River, using a warm, neutral palette to complement the interior design. Working from several photographs and sketches I made after exploring the area, we soon settled on the basic composition and size - not too overwhelming, but big enough to create a familiar focal impact within the room.
I then added a fine veil of gentle mist rising from the river - just enough to offset and lighten the dark wall of trees, and add a sense of atmospheric mystery which is very typical of the valley here.
I particularly enjoyed working on the tree trunks, building layers of transparent pigments to add fine detail and texture, and also working neutral colours over bold, vibrant coppers and golds to create a subtle glow of warm light through the trees, while still retaining the overall neutral feel.

I can honestly say I've never worked in neutral colours quite like this before - indeed I purchased several tubes of varying greys I have never carried or used in my studio before - and I love the result! 

Ultimately, my most favourite part in creating custom pieces like this is the delighted smiles of my collaborating client and interior designer as they see the finished piece in situ. Always.