A Thankful Finale

After six months nestling in down in a valley between three of the most magnificent PNW mountains, following a decade of traumatic impact and transitions, I feel my creative spirit finally beginning to breath again. Physically I'm navigating through niggling symptoms of adrenal fatigue, toxic overload, general exhaustion, and chronic back pain from an old pelvic injury. 
Nevertheless, I find myself reflecting on all the many blessings of this past year, with a dawning realisation that every single thing I wrote down with a solid intention and grateful expectation for its manifestation at the start of 2018 has now come to fruition. In the most unexpected ways I could ever have imagined! Through 2018 I've journeyed from devastation and homelessness to my painter's paradise in a perfect environment with all the tools I need to recover, rebuild and restore on this creative journey. 
****[Insert momentary pause and applause for a ❤️ Hugely Heartfelt Thank You ❤️ to all those who have generously provided, supported, and encouraged along 2018's rocky road. You know who you are. Please know you are truly appreciated ]****

Now begins a new journey, with a continuing theme of healing and recovery - but also of greatly increased creativity as my health* and wherewithal returns along with the tools, time and space to fully invest in my art. 

Enough of the background context now - and back to the studio: 
While settling in the new home and working on several custom painting orders these past six months, I've been capturing the ever-changing, magnificent view from my back yard on my camera. Every day I find it so delightfully uplifting and inspiring that I am unable to resist the urge to express and share such a beautiful blessing. Bespoke canvasses are being stretched and primed at the ready, already so that I can begin a monet-style series of the panoramic early in the new year.
I can't wait! 

*Aside Note: I don't typically recommend reading material - but during my search for tools to aid my physical recovery, I was recently introduced to a series of books by Anthony William: https://www.medicalmedium.com. While I realise that his sources may be questionable for some -  so very much of the information therein makes sense to me in a way that feels like a remembering of things already intuitively known. So I'm making changes accordingly, and will keep you posted on the results if you like.